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Hi, I'm Alisha!

Ten years ago, fresh out of college, I started a blog to document my "career-y" things. (When you graduate with a double major AND a minor, trying to pick just one field of interest, just one career can be pretty impossible; it's still true today). I decided to launch a platform to talk about my journey, share exciting projects and keep friends updated on my personal life. 

Enter: alishainthebiz.

alishainthebiz is...

  • short for "Alisha in the business," a nickname I was given for being in the know, being driven, being business-minded
  • a digital archive of all my career-y things
  • filled with advice series, personal essays, press clips and events
  • spans topics from my work in media and technology to personal interests like food, drink and travel writing

Okay, but like, what's your official bio?

Alisha Miranda is a digital media and technology leader with nearly a decade of experience working and managing across editorial products, digital strategy, and client services. She is passionate about leveraging digital products (and processes) to directly contribute to business growth and premium user experiences. She has served as a content producer, marketing specialist, publicist, and campaign manager at publishing brands like Thrillist, The Week, Mental Floss, Edelman, WIRED, Say Media and among others. For six years she consulted clients at home and abroad on digital strategy under #alishainthebiz. Today, she brings her knack for organization, writing, teamwork and client education as a digital project manager.

Alisha is also a public speaker and and develops professional development and community programming, having partnered with organizations like Girl Develop It, The Millennial Leadership Summit, The LAMP and Skillshare. In 2015, she convened Philadelphia-area women across the gender spectrum through #RadGirlsinTech meetups. In fall 2017, she joined The University of the Arts Continuing Education faculty as an adjunct instructor for Digital Marketing Strategies.

In another life, she is a food and travel writer who models her adventures after Anthony Bourdain.

The former Brooklynite now proudly calls South Philadelphia home.