Career Tip: Schedule a Coffee Chat

Career Tip: Schedule a Coffee Chat

Did you have a great connection with someone you met at an event or want to learn more about their projects? Invite them out for coffee!

Coffee chats can take the place of valuable informational interviews where you learn more about an opportunity without diving in head first. It's a low-cost investment to figuring out your next best step.

Not sure how to invite someone for coffee? Here's a sample email template:

Dear [first name],

My name is [your name], and I’m a [job title] who works in [your location]. I’m reaching out because [reason why you want to speak with this person]. I’d love to learn more about [two or three things you’d like to learn from the person].

I’m sure you’re busy, so even 20 minutes would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,

[Your name]

Be sure to pick up the tab, too. Before you know it you’ll have a new friend, become savvy about a new project, and you’re closer to scoring your next free drink!

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