Career Tip: Join a Coworking Space

Disclaimer: This post was originally published in 2012, when I was a community manager at several coworking spaces. But! I firmly believe the tips shared are still relevant today. For an updated look at coworking spaces in Philadelphia, read this guide on 

Last night I co-hosted the FindSpark roundtable at former coworking space WECREATENYC (as of 2017 no longer in business) to discuss real-world interview tips for college students and graduates. Panelists’ background included freelance photography, corporate consulting and management, web and media, and of course social strategy. As a young professional myself, I couldn’t help but throw in my two cents on how to best land on your feet or plan out your next career move. So, I took to Twitter to pool tips from the panelists, share our vision at WECREATE, and of course discuss my own experience on job hunting. Below is an aggregated list of advice for those on the job hunt:

After the event ended, I started thinking about the former worldwide JellyWeek, a celebration of the coworking movement around the world. To this day, coworking has opened the doors to many career opportunities, most importantly securing clients simply by word of mouth. For young people in the job market, coworking presents an excellent incentive for networking, contact introductions and leads, and first-hand experience into day-to-day projects with other professionals. I hope that more of us in this type of career transition discover coworking to be a valuable asset to the job search as I have. In the meantime, I’ll be here to lend a hand.


In Philly, come say "Hi!" or join me coworking at the legendary Indy Hall in Old City.

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