Career Tip: Do Your Research

In the past I made the mistake of not preparing correctly for job opportunities. I was naive to think the most important factor of my work was that I was having fun; the money would come later and everything would be fine. What an idiot I turned out to be. 

I cannot stress enough how much proper research affects your career choices.


Google them, check out their LinkedIn page, find out where their offices are, who and what kinds of people work for them, or search latest news. Anything and everything will help as you collect information about a job you’re thinking of applying to. 

Young women, listen up: know the facts and approach every career decision like a business owner. The more you know, the smarter you’ll be at taking up a job offer. Check sites like Glassdoor and Indeed for company reviews and salary ranges, know tax deductions and benefits packages, learn how much of your pay check will go towards these taxes and benefits so you know your potential true income at the end of the day. 

Dig deep and discover yourself. Ask yourself what type of worker you are. What kind of office environment do you want? How would you fit in? What are you awesome at? What do you suck at? The more you know about yourself in the work place, the clearer your answers will be. 


In addition to learning about a prospective employer, understanding their company culture is key. Factors like fair compensation, flexible work hours, and diversity impact who you decide to work with. Learn to ask the right questions to better understand the type of work environment you may be joining. 

Here are a few starters:

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