Career Tip: Stay Relevant

Now that you’ve done your homework and practiced my tips (hopefully) it’s time to keep your name in the game. This can mean a few things:

I just happen to do all of the above. It’s crucial to my career that I constantly do these so that I always have new opportunities knocking at my door. 

We are experiencing an age in career pathing that requires us to create our own work and stay ahead of the curve; to determine what's new and next. One way to do this is to write about it. Keep up that blog, pitch more pieces, write in your journal, or start a newsletter. Express yourself and make your value known, share your goals, and professional interests. However you want to write - via pen and paper or digitally, get it out there.

With that, you should also have an online hub. I have this website built on Squarespace to vouch for. Seek out what platform makes sense for your work. Create a digital home, build upon it, keep it updated, and let it grow. People will find you and connect with you from there. 

Once you’ve got a good site/blog/portfolio going, meet people in your field. I have hosted many networking sessions, panels on technology and media, and career workshops because I believe in the power of being a connector. I like connecting people of value, who can exchange skills and ideas, and collaborate on mutual goals. It’s important that you seek out people who are friendly and genuine and who can be your buddy as you carve out your own career path. Never abuse that privilege. 

A Broad's Experience in Advertising

A Broad's Experience in Advertising

Career Tip: Write It Down