How To Prepare for #FOCUS100 Tech Conference

How To Prepare for #FOCUS100 Tech Conference

#FOCUS100 is tomorrow, October 5th! 

We’re excited! We’re pumped! We’re dedicated! The #FOCUS100 symposium is where tech startups led by black women can connect with industry innovators, brand managers, and digital influencers. The event consists of a half-day pitch bootcamp, followed by a full-day symposium featuring panels, valuable mentorship sessions and a pitch competition with top angel investors and VCs. #FOCUS100 is October 5-6th in New York City. 

Conference prep.

Conference prep.

Conference Prep

Bring your laptop/iPad/smartphone and chargers. There will be power strips! Bring a copy of your pitch deck for print and electronic. Come prepared with questions for your mentors and an open mind to receive constructive feedback.

Eat And Meet

Join me at the closing cocktail reception on Saturday evening, sponsored by BlogHer and Ogilvy.

Ask Mayor Cory Booker A Question!

We’re working with Waywire to solicit questions for Mayor Cory Booker from #FOCUS100 attendees. Just download the app, or go the site and upload your video and tag it #FOCUS100.

Be Social

Check in to #FOCUS100 on Foursquare. We created a Foursquare venue for #FOCUS100.  Our official hashtag is #FOCUS100. Follow the activity on Twitter and Facebook, and tag photos on Instagram when you arrive on Friday and Saturday.

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