Read My Travel Tips in The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide

Read My Travel Tips in The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide

How to Travel the World – The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide

Get inspired to live out your world travel dreams from reading my tips on taking a career break, fleeing to Spain and Colombia, and making it all happen on a freelancer’s dime.

I have finally received my first print edition of The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide book, which author Jeremy Jones was so kind to ask me to contribute. In the book, I take anecdotal experiences from my travels abroad and turn them into practical, and relatable tips for other young people to learn from. 

Read my travel tips on:

  • Solo vs. Group Traveling

  • Deciding Where To Go

  • Budget Savings

  • Gastronomic Delight (food!)

  • Travel Obsessions

  • Reflecting on the Experience

I encourage everyone to find happiness through travel and am always excited to share insight with others to help them make a dream trip come true. Buy the book on: Amazon, Kindle, or eBook (soon to come: iPad, Barnes & Noble, NOOK, and iTunes!)

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