Field Guide: Philly Outdoors Fun

Field Guide: Philly Outdoors Fun

It is sunny and nearly 70 degrees today in Philadelphia so my hopes for taking in warm-weather activities are at an all-time high. Cold breezes and wet rain have been bringing me down and with a rowhouse back patio constantly teasing me, any bit of sunshine and warm weather is much needed. 

Below, a few of my favorite ways to spend time outdoors in Philly.

Street Art Tours with StreetsDept

Have we talked about how much free arts and culture Philadelphia has to offer? Walking this city is the best way to soak in the growing arts scene, more diverse and inclusive than ever. Local blogger, Conred Benner covers Philly street artists, with camera in tow on and now you can join him on walking tours (#StreetsDept2ndSat -- happening on the second Saturday of every month during warm weather) all over the city to meet the artists and community organizations you may not have been exposed to otherwise. I recently joined his South Philly street art tour and was blown away at how much art we pass by on a daily basis without knowing the artist, the story behind it, or even realizing it's art! From tile work to graffiti to yarn bombs to stickers to stained glass, there's such a beautiful community of mission-minded people who are covering this city with meaningful artwork and activism. Enjoy some of my favorite pieces below and sign up for a tour here. Tickets start at $15 and the tours usually last around two hours. 

Free house crawls with Love Your Block

When I first moved to Philadelphia, my knowledge of the city's neighborhoods were very limited. My criteria for finding a home was pretty simple: live in a traditional bi-level brick row home on a tiny street and be near the Italians so I would have easy access to delicious food. Luckily, I found both pretty quickly. Better yet - I discovered a real estate company that runs free house crawls to explore other corners of the city. It's called Love Your Block and it's the best way to spend a weekend afternoon. Crawls start at a neighborhood coffee shop to learn more about the area's historical context and typical housing market. From there, crawlers browse five to seven homes of varied price ranges and designs (my dream house is on Elfreth's Alley for under $800K) while learning about the property, architecture and home ownership expectations. Hosts and company owners, Laura and Tiffany, even propose a fun challenge a la 'Price is Right' where crawlers guess the price of the house after learning about its features (like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and if there's a roof deck). The best part for people like me, who are curious about Philly's housing market and working their way towards first-time buyer status, is to get a glimpse into the kind of dream house I can afford in the future. Bonus: I bring along friends and family to enjoy a day exploring areas of the city we may not get to see often. The crawl usually ends at a bar or restaurant to recap the day. Below, some of my favorite recent home tours.

Window shopping up and down Passyunk Avenue 

South Philly is a cultural hub in and of itself, and I find weekend afternoons are most enjoyable when I take a leisurely walk along Passyunk Avenue. The Ave, as the cool kids call it, is lined with boutique and antique shops, award-winning bars and restaurants, and fascinating stores. On most weekends you can find me at a corner dive bar or inside shops like Occasionette and Jinxed, stocking up on goods for my row house.

Dog watching at Schuykill River Dog Park

I’m having puppy fever which means any excuse to hang with dogs is a time well spent. My happy place is the Schuykill River Dog Park on the western side of the city, next to a redesigned promenade. Weekend walks call for a stop here to watch pups play and picking out my new favorite breed. It instantly brings me joy to see so many good boys living their best lives outdoors.

Bike rides up Kelly Drive

Philadelphia is stepping up its public green space game, and Schuylkill is a great example of this. An excellent way to take in the sights is to walk, run, skate, or bike the riverfront along the Schuylkill River. In the summer, I enjoy admiring families and couples who picnic on the lawn before taking a roundabout walk home in the evening when the lights sparkle along the river. For a bonus warm-weather outdoor adventure, I highly recommend taking the 1 mile+ bike ride from the Schuylkill River Trail up north to Kelly Drive. Enjoy the scenery, lined with beautiful boathouses, gardens, fountains, and historical mansions.

Day tripping to city limits 

Serious bikers and joggers travel the breadth of Kelly Drive all the way to the northwest to the neighborhood of Manayunk and beyond. Here, small-town charm comes in the way of local beer and grub at Manayunk Brewing Company, Victorian storefronts, and calming riverfront views. If you want to go further, rent a car and follow the Bucks County Ale Trail stopping at my favorites, Neshaminy Creek, Vault Brewing Company and Triumph Brewery to name a few. In the fall, I’m a frequent visitor of Chestnut Hill, 35min north of Philadelphia. Read my weekend guide here.

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