Surviving Job Loss In The Millennial Age: A Guide to Unemployment

Surviving Job Loss In The Millennial Age: A Guide to Unemployment

Let's blame it on the economy. 

In 2007, more than 50 percent of college graduates had a job offer lined up. For the class of 2009, fewer than 20 percent of them did.
— The Huffington Post

In 2008 I graduated with a double major and a minor. I secured my first grown up job starting just a few weeks after graduation. Student loan payments weren't due til that fall, I was set. A care-free summer awaited. 

Two years later I was out of a job. The startup I had devoted my life to (and remains one of the best jobs I ever had) went bankrupt. I had just moved to New York City a few months before and spent the next three years chasing after gigs that would stick. It's been almost ten years since I graduated and little has changed. I've been let go from countless startups, big-budget media companies and small ones too. I've been let go while working at a coffee shop, I've been let go while sipping coffee at my desk, I've been let go while walking to a coffee shop. Such a weird pattern to think about now...

Losing your job sucks and the hard truth is that there is no job security anymore. Budgets run out, startups fail, companies pivot, or worse -- toxic work environments force you out. Being a working professional in this day and age means doing the most to stay afloat and when you suddenly get canned (laid off, fired, let go, you choose which term you like), your world can quickly fall apart. As a very experienced sudden job loss-er and frequent career shifter (sometimes not by choice), I'm here to tell you it's going to be okay. 

I unfortunately have seen far too many friends, family members and overall good people suddenly lose their jobs and realize they have no backup plan. They don't know what to do next, how to prepare for a paycheck-less life or how to respond in the moment it's happening. Processing it all is emotional and frustrating but can also be short term. After years of dishing tips through private DMs and with layoff season coming in hot (Q4 is the worst, by the way), I thought it was time to share my story of surviving unemployment. 

20+ Steps to Help You Survive Sudden Job Loss:

The Millennial's Guide to Unemployment

The “Leave It To Beaver” workforce, in which everyone has the same job from graduation until gold watch, is not coming back.
— "Generation Screwed"

I'll walk you through every stage of unemployment:

  1. Before it happens: Being smart with your day-to-day work activities
  2. If/when it happens: Know how to respond in the moment
  3. After it happens: Moving on and making the best of it
  4. Getting back out there

This four-part guide will include links to helpful resources I've successfully used over the years including filing for unemployment (it's basically free money, y'all), budgeting apps, negotiation tactics and email outreach scripts (like asking people for help). My goal is to help you better anticipate a sudden lay off and be prepared for when the unexpected does occur. 

Have questions? Leave 'em in the comments.

I'll be running an upcoming AMA style video series on Facebook Live tackling your questions and sharing more tips. Stay tuned for part one! 


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