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My journalism beat covers tech, digital media and work culture.

What I Wish I’d Known as a First-Time Manager

Advice on becoming a Mr(s) Manager, and stepping into a brand-new leadership role.

Owners Magazine’s Leading Ladies In Tech

First woman in tech featured in a new video interview series for

ChatterBlast Media InPHLuencers Profile

Q/A with Philly social media agency on navigating what it means to be both an influencer and run influencer campaigns.

How One Digital Media Strategist Uses Bitly To Track Her Content

Using to track content and marketing performance.

Technically Media’s ‘Women In tech’ Feature

Career-pathing guide for women in technology in the Philadelphia region.

Young Involved Philly Interview

I talk with the creators of the #whyIlovePhilly campaign to share my story of leaving NYC for PHL and why I'm here to stay.’s Women In Tech for Hire

Think there aren't qualified women in tech? Here are 1,000 names, including mine. No more excuses.

Converge Consulting Guide: Content Strategy & Inclusive Design

How-to posts for digital marketers to produce effective, inclusive and accessible content for best-fit online audiences.

#EqualPayDay Negotiation Guide

Actionable advice as told to The Washington Post for women to successfully advocate for more money, from starting salaries to severance packages.