Press Kit

Sample editorial features, interviews and contributing articles from my experience working alongside CEOs, small business owners, media and technology brands.


 Work culture and the rise of the feminist workplace, challenges and solutions around diversity and inclusion, the evolution of a "flexible" and "remote" workforce, and DIY professional development networks for women. 


“How can I make more?” And other questions women may not know to ask about work and money.


How the aftermath of the 2016 election affected my team's dynamic and personal productivity in the workplace.

OWNER'S MAGAZINE: Leading Ladies In Tech

First woman in tech featured in a new video interview series for


Q/A with Philadelphia digital agency on navigating what it means to be an influencer -- and run influencer marketing campaigns.

3 Questions with a tech lady

Interview with an internationally recognized women-in-tech network discussing my career path.

New York City Has A Plan To Help Freelancers Get Paid On Time

Discussing challenges of (frequently overdue) client payments as a freelancer.

How One Digital Media Strategist Uses Bitly To Track Her Content

Using to track content and marketing performance.

AskMeMás Invites Latinas to Join Media Experts List

The importance of diversity, inclusion and representation as a woman of color in the media.

This Women-in-Tech Meetup Wants to Bridge the Gap Between Coders and Non-Coders

Introduction to my new Philadelphia-based meetup group, #RadGirlsinTech.

Convince Your Employer to Let You Work From Home

Tips for flexible/remote work opportunities.

Inside A Startup Bootcamp That's Addressing Silicon Valley's Diversity Divide

FastCompany profile of women-run talent recruitment platform, which I am a member of.

7 Ingenious Resumes That Will Make You Rethink Your CV

One of 4 Mashable features using my former website as a case study, including "5 Social Media Tips For Scoring Your Next Job",  "How To: Use Your Social Media Skills to Earn Extra Money" and "10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From."


I talk with the creators of the #whyIlovePhilly campaign to share my story of leaving NYC for PHL and why I'm here to stay.

Leveraging Twitter As A Digital Networking Tool

Guide to using social media for job search.

Spotlight: Alisha Miranda, LAMP Facilitator

Interview with digital literacy organization on developing curriculum for aspiring digital media and tech professionals.

Banks Are Ignoring Young People of Color

Investigative look at the "unbanked" generation and digital banking tools to help them reach financial transparency.